Before hitting the road, every good driver ensures their vehicle is in good condition and no matter how many steps there are in your routine, checking your engine oil is key. You need an engine oil that will keep your vehicle protected on the inside regardless of what you’re putting your vehicle through on the outside.

Shell Helix Motor Oils are designed to ensure you get the best out of your engine so you can keep your passion for driving alive. The new Flexi Molecule Technology in Shell Helix HX7 and HX8 is designed to adapt to every drive. This may range from city congestion to highway acceleration, steep climbs and cold starts.

All motor oils coat engine parts to offer basic, passive level of protection, but the dynamic Flexi Molecules constantly adapt to boost protection where your engine needs it the most. These molecules form a protective barrier between critical engine parts and activate when your vehicle endures high pressure or varying temperatures. Shell Helix HX7 and HX8 engine oils are proven to deliver up to 40% more wear protection on critical engine parts.

If you are wondering whether Shell Helix HX7 or Shell Helix HX8 is perfect fit for your car, talk to our Customer Service Agents at a Shell Station near you or visit

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