Do you know where the heart of your car lies? The life of any vehicle begins with its engine. Every car enthusiast knows that it’s impossible to claim that you love your car if you don’t take care of it from the inside out. In the end, it’s not just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, it’s a gateway to convenience, new adventures and endless memories.

Your engine faces the risk of wear and corrosion. This is why finding the lubricant that protects your fuel intake valves from the build-up of performance robbing deposits is extremely important. Here at Shell, we have made it our mission to ensure your engine, whether old or new, is best taken care of. We help you identify the genuine oil that is best for your car and assist you in differentiating it from counterfeit oil products.

Here are a few factors to note anytime you’re purchasing lubricants:

  1. Always check that the pilfer rings on the cap of every lubricant you buy are intact.
  2. Always check that the batch number on the pail is legible and should tally with the batch number on the carton.
  3. When the cap is opened, the pilfer ring should remain on the pack and should not come off with the cap. The Foil seal should bear the shell identity.

So next time you’re out buying engine oil for your vehicle, just take a few minutes to check whether the product you purchase is genuine. 

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